Thursday 29th September 2022

Barracuda ESG Cluster Barracuda ESG: Outage due to Faulty Update

Sep 29th, 11:40 CET Bypassed - We have bypassed the faulty Barracuda ESG appliances temporarily to allow e-mails to flow again. SPAM levels might be higher than usual due to this, but e-mail flow is restored. We still haven't got any firm ETA from Barracuda Networks and therefore have implemented this solution.

Sep 29th, 04:00 CET Identified - Barracuda Networks informed us that a faulty Spam-Definition-Update caused the malfunctioning of several Barracuda ESG appliances. We have been investigating problems since approx. 4 o'clock in the morning and e-mails are being delayed. Our Support Team and the Barracuda Support Team is working to resolve this issue ASAP. No e-mails are being lost, but delayed.