Tuesday 17th October 2017

Annual power failure test MUC2, scheduled 4 years ago

In the following, we would like to inform you about work in our data center MUC2 in Munich.

Description of the work: Annual power failure test with medium voltage disconnection and test of the automatic power supply over the power supply systems

Affected areas: MUC2

Dates: Start of work: 21.11.2017 08:00 End of work: 21.11.2017 16:00

Affected services: During the annual power failure test, the power supply at the medium level voltage is switched off. The two power supply systems (hot failover) must then start up automatically and ensure the power supply of the data center. Likewise, the restart of the cooling systems after power failure and the takeover of the IT power supply via the UPS systems are tested.

If a power supply system fails, the power supply or the cooling system is not affected. If problems occur at both power supply systems, the city network can be switched back on at any time. In this case, the power supply to the IT systems is ensured by the UPS systems.

The plants are monitored by our employees throughout the entire process. The risk of a failure of the power supply / cooling is classified as low. However, slight temperature fluctuations can occur.

Such a test serves the purpose of prevention and is necessary to ensure the function of the emergency power supply in case of mains failure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.